Foothills Acupuncture is your Lakewood, CO clinic for pain management and anxiety treatments

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Foothills Acupuncture is a family friendly practice with the aim to provide a relaxed, comfortable experience that can allow you to find the relief you have been seeking.  As your place for Lakewood acupuncture and Chinese medicine, we treat people of ALL ages, and work with you to expertly formulate a health plan that fits your life and health needs. We believe in using acupuncture and Chinese medicine to promote the body's natural healing mechanisms to restore the body to its natural balance and to get you lasting results.

We at Foothills Acupuncture have put extra consideration into knowing effective methods to treat some of the most common problems that people suffer from. Although we are well versed in treating most medical disorders, we specialize in utilizing acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to manage pain, relieve stress, ease anxiety, help digestive problems and lower inflammation

Foothills Acupuncture was founded in Lakewood CO, with the idea to offer a comprehensive solution to today's modern healthcare needs through the use of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We at Foothills Acupuncture strive to find the integral balance between Eastern and Western medical philosophies in order to expertly compose and execute a personalized medical treatment plan that can help you obtain your health goals.

We understand that you may have many questions about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, so we are offering you a free consultation so that we can fully address your inquiries. You can set up your free consultation by contacting us through the form below or call/text/email at (720)683-0577 or at

So take charge of your health and contact us today to get started on your path towards optimal health.

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