Foothills Acupuncture will verify your acupuncture insurance benefits as a courtesy to you, but will not guarantee that your insurance will cover your treatment.
Ultimately it is the PATIENTS RESPONSIBILITY to guarantee acupuncture coverage with their insurance company.
If your insurance company does not cover the treatment, then the patient will be responsible for the full billed amount.

FSA and HSA debit cards

Foothills Acupuncture clinic also accepts FSA and HSA debit cards. Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts are great ways to use your pre-tax savings account to offset your out-of-pocket health care costs.

We now offer out of network courtesy insurance billing!

What does this mean? If we are not in network with your insurance provider, and you have acupuncture benefits as part of your insurance plan, then we are offering a service that will submit an out of network claim to your insurance company directly. This will allow you to avoid having to submit a superbill on your own, and if you have any insurance benefit reimbursements, then those payments will be sent directly to you. The process is simple and will look like this:
1. Come and enjoy your acupuncture treatment2. After your treatment, you will pay the time of service fee3. Provide us with your insurance information and sign the financial policy agreement4. Any insurance reimbursements will be sent directly to you
Please contact us, using the form below, if you have questions regarding this service.

Cancer pain

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